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‘Pan’ gets lots of laughs from young audience

Singing, dancing shine at Dutch Apple



The kids in the audience last weekend for Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre’s “Peter Pan” must have loved the show. The only time I heard them was when they were laughing, which was quite frequently.

Otherwise, their attention was glued to the unfolding adventures of the three Darling children and the boy who flies in their window and declares he will never grow up.

The story of “Peter Pan” is well-known and slightly strange.

As they get ready to go out to dinner, Mrs. Darling (Megan Orlowski) explains to her husband that she has seen a boy at the window of the nursery and is concerned. She found his shadow and put it away in a drawer.

That shadow belongs to Peter (a wonderful Gavin Juckette), who has flown to London from Neverland.

After the parents leave, Peter flies into the bedroom of Wendy (Jesse Jacobson), John (Tyson Harper in the production I saw) and Michael (Quinn Andrew Fickes) in search of his shadow.

Joining Peter is Tinker Bell, a fairy portrayed in this production as a beam of light with a squawk-box voice.

Wendy is thrilled to see Peter. Maybe a little too thrilled. Jacobson has a lovely voice and plenty of energy, but her response to Peter is way overcharged. It seems as if she is about to burst into tears of joy every time she speaks to him.

That skews the relationship between the two, making it just a tad creepy. Bad calculation by director Amy Marie McCleary.

In some ways, Wendy is a role that doesn’t work well anymore.

Gavin Juckette portrays Peter Pan at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre.


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